Our fleet of OTR trucks has 48-state USDOT (authority # 2053518 and MC# 719083). GHG’s service area covers the entire East Coast - from Maine to Florida, and east of the Mississippi River. GHG’s custom-designed trailers are outfitted with industry-first triple temperature storage components (ambient, +38°F and -30°F) to maintain the appropriate temperature of the goods throughout the delivery process. GHG was the first company to use this type of triple-temperature trailers in the USA. Our Fleet can handle dedicated and spot market backhauls to full fill our needs to keep our trucks running at full capacity.

GHG Logistics belongs to the SmartWay Transport Partnership (ID# 01025544), and all of our trucks are California-certified for low emissions. All of our trailers can connect to electric circuits during the loading process, to prevent unnecessary burning of diesel fuel. We have direct communications with our drivers and have satellite GPS through Rydsmart, so that we know where the truck is located 24/7. Our trucks are spec’d to accommodate the driver while not driving by the use of a fully integrated APU system.


The Allentown warehouse totals 40,000 square feet - divided into 35,000 sq. ft. of racked dry goods storage space, 3,000 sq ft racked refrigeration unit, and a 2,000sq ft racked -30°F freezer unit. GHG is a one-stop shop for sushi retail outlets. Our PAWH can provide cross dock services, reloading/restacking of pallets, and short term storage to carriers.

The warehouse follows eco-friendly initiatives which limit negative impacts to the environment while reducing our carbon footprint. The green-warehouse operations utilize low-energy motion-sensitive lighting, which shut off automatically when no movement is detected; electric forklifts and pallet jacks that use low-energy AC motors; a cardboard reuse and recycling program; a pallet exchange program with suppliers.

Distribution Network

In November 2015 the Allentown facility upgraded its Warehouse Management System (WMS) to better accommodate a flexible 3PL operation within the warehouse. Continuous improvement will drive efficiencies into the daily operations. Currently our inventory accuracy is at 99.932% and with a picking accuracy of 99.941%. Those are some of the highest standards in our industry.

With state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, and a dedicated team of logistics professionals, daily orders are fulfilled and shipped to over 170 locations in 20 states, with the capacity to expand seamlessly.

GHG's Distribution Network, covering the entire East Coast and Eastern third of the United States

*Our distribution area is always expanding. Please contact us with any further questions.

Wholesale sushi

GHG’s central kitchen in Long Island City, NY can cover all your sushi needs.

Fresh-made Sushi

Direct store delivery (DSD) to your business. We partner with grocers and foodservice companies that want to offer customers fresh-made sushi in their cold showcases.

Sushi ingredients

We stock all essential food and non-food items. All wholesome and sustainable ingredients. No artificial ingredients ever!

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