Recent News

GHG Logistics Joins Smartway Partnerships

Summer 2015

GHG has joined U.S. EPA Smartway Transport Partnerships during the month of June 2015. Smartway Transport Partnership is an innovative collaboration between U. S. Environmental Protection Agenca (EPA) and industry which provides a framework to access the environmental and energy efficiency of goods movement claims.


We’re cutting our Carbon footprint!

January 31, 2013

Here’s how: Genji’s shipping and warehousing affiliate, GHG Logistics, Inc. operates a fleet of California-Certified low emissions trucks to deliver our supplies. The refrigerated trailers connect to electric circuits while idle to prevent burning diesel fuel, unnecessarily while loading or unloading. In 2012, GHG Logistics’ was able to reduce its total carbon footprint 43%, meaning 108 Carbon Tonnes were spared from being emitted into the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of removing 21 cars from the roads!

GHG Logistics Keeps Sushi at the Peak of Freshness with LXE

Summer 2011

LXE Inc., and RMS Omega teamed up with GHG Logistics to write a business case on a cutting-edge solution: The three companies worked together to maximize the functionality of hand-held mobile computer units capable of withstanding dramatic temperature changes (in and out of freezers) at GHG's warehouse and distribution center. The units are critical in ensuring that the sophisticated warehouse management system functions smoothly and records data accurately.


Finnicky Tuna Requires Innovative Thinking

Summer 2012

Thermo King develops a unique refrigeration solution designed especially for GHG Logistics, and the transportation of sushi ingredients. While multi-temperature compartment trailers are common, this one was unique due to the need to hold sushi grade tuna at -30 degrees fahrenheit. Seamless, uninterrupted temperature holding – from supplier, to warehouse, to trailer, to store—is critical to maintaining the uncompromised, quality ingredients required for Genji’s premium sushi.